Boots Red Hero Soldier Edition Green/Sand

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Military style boots "Boots Red Hero Soldier Edition Green/Sand" - design by DOUBLE RED Clothing Co.
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The stylish comfortable unisex low lace boots Red Hero Soldier Edition suitable for daily wear. Made from high quality and breathable materials. The anti-slip PU sole is oil-resistant provides high comfort in normal wearing and makes driving at ease. A Breathable inner insole which is enhanced by the special DR AirBreathe. Firm tongue to avoid penetration by dirt and dust. However, these boots are suitable for wearing in all seasons throughout the year. The boots are made of velour leather in combination with textile. The sole is made of synthetic material - polyurethane. Leather needs to be cleaned and taken care of regularly to assure its long-lasting quality. We advise First, to remove any caked dirt on your boots with a soft bristled brush or damp cloth, and leave your boots to air dry. Please ensure that your boots are away from direct sunlight or any heaters, as they will dry out the leather. Apply leather polish, spray or cream to the leather to help maintain your boots.

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