We are distributers in the UK for Double Red Ltd. For many years now, we have sold professional mechanical equipment for all types of off-road vehicles under the Double Red brand. Our products are highly recommended and appreciated all around the world thanks to their unique history in design and reliability. They are tried and tested in many world known competitions such as Rally Dakar, Rally Budapest-Bamako, Serbian Trophy, Expedition to the Polar Circle also our own Double Red Serbia Adventure Navigation Rally. 

It’s from this, our off-road fans and people from around this community have inspired us to create our own practical and modern clothing collection for off-road, expeditions and casual streetwear, which reflects the needs and style of the people who like to live adventurous and exciting lives. These people brought Double Red from the forests, woods and dusty plains into the city streets. As time has gone by the Double Red community has spread amongst other sportsmen, notably cross trainers and martial arts fans. The Double Red two stipe logo is becoming recognised and is regularly seen at events across Europe, USA and Russia.